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 Thank you for choosing Golden Arowana Uniclic® Bamboo Flooring!

You have just chosen the most environmentally friendly flooring available. Costco and Wellmade have teamed up to bring you the highest quality bamboo flooring at a price you can afford. Costco’s low price and the proven quality of Wellmade, make it one of the best flooring values available at any price. Our new Uniclic® floating installation system make it simple to install yourself, helping you save on installation costs. Cross-bond construction adds strength to the locking system, helping to eliminate splitting, and control expansion/contraction as well. These features make it possible to install in basements and even over radiant heat floors. We also added an environmentally friendly cork backing to provide additional cushion with more heat and sound insulation.  When combined with a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 underlayment (available at home improvement stores and flooring retailers), you can expect additional comfort, acoustic, and thermal properties, not normally found with inexpensive underlayments.

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